Thursday, December 31, 2009

Working with jPOS

jPOS is an open source library for handling ISO8583 financial messages. A prime issue I've had is that the environment requires a little customization for handling the implementation of the standard and how to get these changes incorporated into its built in server. Finally I've resolved this by having a separate project for building a JAR that can be included into the lib folder for the jPOS source project which I then run by using the included ant file. The only change then required is the inclusion of the specific configuration files that are then needed within the deploy and cfg folders.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Testing with unit tests

Unit test libraries like JUnit and NUnit provide extensive capability for white box testing. The assertion model essentially translates as a verification of intention. By considering intentions, you should be verifying the design and not proving the code. This is the trap. TDD works when it is implemented with test driven design rather than as tests written to prove code.

The biggest problem I've encountered is maintaining the discipline in the face of impending deadlines. It is easy to develop unit tests when the functionality is unique but when its an artifact of a partially enforced bad design, then the unit test for that particular section seems redundant.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tester tools

Having been introduced to the tools available to developers has made me more aware of the inadequacy of the tools provided to testers. Subversion, Eclipse, MyLyn, Emma, PMD, and Git to mention a few of the tools that I've recently used. Git isn't quite so far along as the others, but it looks to be a great version control system. Using Eclipse as the development environment provides integration to SVN for version control, MyLyn for task management, Emma for code coverage and PMD for static code review. Test tools seem to be targeting separate solutions. Integration within the testing space is uncommon and exceedingly rare with development.