Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Test case or script naming without version control

Some possibilities for identifying versions and retaining history:

  • All names have a numeric version attached to the name, e.g. BestestQTPScript-2.5
    • 2 would indicate that there was a major rewrite for whatever reason (i.e. starts at 1)
    • 5 would indicate that this is the 6th minor update since the last major update (i.e. starts at 0)
  • All names have the creation date attached to the name, e.g. BestestQTPScript-20100206
    • yyyymmdd appended to the script name (this format ensures ordering)
    • Date is the date of creation/maintenance
  • All names have the system version attached to the name, e.g. BestestQTPScript-
    • Direct link between script and system version allowing for execution against the corresponding system version (obvious benefits)
    • Script maintenance fairly simple to gather
    • Unfortunately its not always simple to get the version number